Sky Studio

101 Lewis Avenue, Billings Montana  59101

Tesseract Dance Collective

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Get ALL 8 hours of workshops PLUS -


  • Catered weekend of breakfast both days!
  • A healthy customized pita from Pita Pitt lunch Saturday!  (
    • Please look at the above menu, then include your pita selection exactly as you'd like it.
  • Performer preference for the early birds and then regular superstar packages!


Friday: July 17th  6-8pm

"The Elegant Octopus!" w/ Lacey Sanchez

Arms can be a dancer's greatest asset and their worst enemy! Join Lacey for an in depth investigation into the power, grace, strength and beauty that can be YOUR arms! No matter your personal style of Bellydance, Lacey will help build confidence and awareness in your upper body carriage for a more elegant performance! Students will be led through stretches, conditioning techniques, traveling patterns, tips, tricks, and combinations for the perfect upper body and arm practice.


Saturday, July 18th

10am-12pm  "The Belly Dance Wildcard" w/ Ebony Qualls

Got versatility? Express your varied dance roots by exploring the delicate art of unexpected fusion in a way that is tasteful, respectful and fun. Learn how strong technique and fluidity can create a harmonious balance between genres. Drill combos that introduce samba, popping or other styles into belly dance. Practice reacting to music and embracing contrasts: graceful vs. clunky, speedy vs. slow. Dance shoes recommended, but not required.


Lunch 12-1pm w/ delivery to the studio Sky Studio (101 Lewis Avenue)


​1-3pm "Ebony's Secrets to Polished Group Pieces" w/ Ebony Qualls

This workshop will provide you with a toolkit of best practices to elevate duets and group choreographies to stage-ready status. Practice exercises that establish and maintain stage presence, energy and intention decisions amongst a group. Learn insider tips and tricks to creating the cleanest formations, seamless transitions and perfectly synched up technique and movements. *Notebook and pen recommended*


Sunday: July 19th 10am-12pm

10am-12pm: "Beautifully Basic is Never Boring" w/ Lacey Sanchez

American Tribal Style® Bellydance has a classic beauty that is regal and inspiring. Even though the style has grown by leaps and bounds as it has expanded from a dance based in San Francisco, California to now a world wide phenomenon, sometimes honing in on its fundamentals can be jaw dropping. In this workshop we will zero in on the Classic ATS® steps and find the rich beauty and surprising variety that exist in this unique dance form.


  • Sign-in will begin 45mins before the workshop starts.  All workshops will be located at Sky Studio at 101 Lewis Avenue, Billings Montana.